Project n° 2008-1-PL1-LEO05-02080
Bridging the gap of general practitioners' competence on European Market
Transfer of Innovation


Health & Management

Health & Management is a consulting and training company, which acts in the following fields: consulting health organizations, education in public health, international programs development and publishing.

Health & Management has coordinated many projects including School of Tutors of Family Physicians, thanks to collaboration with many consultants, succeeded in advising in health care system changes which among others introduced family practitioners in Poland. The company is focused on provide reliable information and proven knowledge in the area of management in health care system. So far Health & Management has participated in many international project relating training of health care staff and has undertaken numerous activities in order to improve education system for health care staff in Poland (conferences, trainings, workshops, development of innovative didactic tools and methods, professional publications).

Health & Management plays the role of a Coordinator of the whole project.